BouncerVR an IndieGoGo game that is totally Fun

BounceVR for Oculus Rift

BouncerVR is the 3D offspring of Pong

Pong if you don’t know, is one of the very first arcade games created way back in 1972. Created by Tom Vergult from Antwerp in Belgium. Tom is the creator of TerraWorld a community centered MMORPG that is still alive and kicking after 11 years. He created BouncerVR because he gets rather sick in 3D.

I am one of those people who becomes motion sick very quickly while using the Rift. With this project I succeeded in creating a game that doesn’t have this effect on me. I think this is mainly because you don’t move around in the virtual world.

The object of BouncerVR  is just like Pong only it is in 3D and you use your head position to control the half sphere paddle. The game includes power ups that you have to hit with your paddle to claim, before they fall past and shatter behind you. Some of the power ups make the ball larger or smaller, some change the balls speed. And other can totally change the gameplay in your favor or against.

BouncerVR was created specifically for the Oculus Rift and supports it natively. There are no other controls to fumble around with while in-game, just your head. The gameplay is smooth and has great depth and detail. The sound effects are cool, the power ups pop behind you if they whiz past. And when a power up expires it short circuits leaving scorch marks on the floor.  Tom has playable demos for both Mac and PC including those people who don’t own Oculus Rifts. Download those from his IndieGoGO campaign page. He also mentions the possibility of the game being in Apple’s iTunes store for iPhone and iPad.

I would love to create a mobile version of the game. Imagine your phone or tablet as a window into the virtual world. When you move your device you can look around in this world. By facing your device towards the enemy goal, you will be able to position your shield and bounce back the ball.

BounceVR catching a power up

Tom is looking to raise $4,375 to fund the development of BouncerVR.

The base game features include:

  • Native Oculus Rift support.
  • Playable without Oculus Rift.
  • 10 different power-ups.
  • 20 different levels.
  • Better sound effects and background music.
  • Freestyle game mode: Play a random level with a random set of power-ups.
  • Improved enemy AI.
  • Account server to manage your profile and stats.

The IndieGoGO campaign has several additional stretch goals which include:

iPad and iPhone support at $9,625

Achievement & Stats system at $11,375

Multiplayer Online as $18,375

??? TBD by the community at $21,875

BouncerVR was so much fun I backed it personally. I hope to see it succeed.

I am a programmer, designer, and inventor in Dallas, Texas. Founder of Makertronic, interested in Web 2.0 & 3.0, Maker, and any new technology.

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