Crysis 2 running on Oculus Rift with Vireio

Crysis2 on the Oculus Rift

After downloading Vireio for Oculus Rift and getting it to work with Skyrim I decided to try other games that weren’t on the game list. Vereio only works with DirectX 9, so games that have a chance of working with the Oculus Rift must use DirectX 9. Vereio works by making games call its modified DirectX9 libraries, so in some cases you need to copy Vireio’s dlls into the game’s bin directory.

Here is how to get Crysis 2 working with Vireio:

  • Run Crisis, under video settings Disable DX11 and VSync
  • Make sure you are set to 1920×1080 full screen.
  • Copy the DLL files from Vireio’s bin directory into the Crisis 2 “Bin32″ folder
  • Add these lines to the profiles.xml file in Vireio’s cfg directory
    <profile game_name=”Crysis 2″ game_exe=”Crysis2.exe” game_type=”601″ separation=”0.00357999″ convergence=”0″ swap_eyes=”false” yaw_multiplier=”27.475″ pitch_multiplier=”25″ roll_multiplier=”1″ />
    <profile game_name=”Crysis 2″ game_exe=”Crysis2Launcher.exe” game_type=”601″ separation=”0.00357999″ convergence=”0″ swap_eyes=”false” yaw_multiplier=”25″ pitch_multiplier=”25″ roll_multiplier=”1″ />

As you can see from the video there is a bit of blur on the gun, not sure about that.
The mouse doesn’t work on the buttons so the only way to exit is to Alt-Tab then right click close from the task bar.
This is still a work in progress.

I am a programmer, designer, and inventor in Dallas, Texas. Founder of Makertronic, interested in Web 2.0 & 3.0, Maker, and any new technology.

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