Dead Pixels on your Oculus Rift? A quick fix.


Dead Pixels suck.

You just got your Oculus Rift and have been playing for a bit and it is awesome. Then you want to share the awesome, so you offer to let your friend try it. Only he is nearsighted and wears glasses. So what do you do? You set the Rift down, pull out the A cups and then put in the B or C cups. Run the IPD measurement tool then stick your friend into the Oculus Unity Demo. He says “Hey, I see dead pixels!” You then begin to freak out.

What most likely happened is that when you changed out the A cups for the other lens cups you inadvertently got some dust or particles on the lcd panel inside the Rift. Yeah it freaked me out the first time also. The easiest way to check is to open up MS Paint and make it full screen so white is showing all over then carefully take the lens cups off and look at the screen. Use some canned air to blow in each side and if the “dead pixels” move then you can breath a sigh of relief. It’s only dust!

inside the oculus rift

Oculus VR recommends that you change the lens cups while the Rift is inverted.

While effective, this is rather cumbersome. And you are prone to smudging the lenses. My preferred method of dealing with this is to use canned air and a lens pen with a brush to clean the lcd and lens cups before reassembling. If the canned air and the lens pen doesn’t fix it then you should contact Oculus Support via email at [email protected]

I hope this has helped you. Rift on!

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