Delta Draconis game demo for Oculus Rift

Delta Draconis

Delta Draconis is a Sci-Fi space ship simulator that flies along the surface of an alien world. While flying you are accompanied by an ethereal soundtrack. The controls work best with an XBox360 controller for PC, but you can manage with a keyboard and mouse. The display console of the ship says “PEPE 2013″, that seems to be the only clue as to the origin of this technology demo. The only noticeable problem for Delta Draconis is that the mouse cursor is left on the screen. You can fix this annoyance by moving the mouse off the screen and then using the Xbox360 controller to fly the ship. Delta Draconis is built on the Unity engine and appeared early in the morning on July 3rd. Other than that we have no idea where it came from.

This is a great start to a fun space shooter sim. We would like to see some weapons on the ship and multiplayer support.

Delta Draconis

 Tech demo 

 We give this tech demo a 4 out of 5 rifts


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