How To: Skyrim and Oculus Rift with a fixed HUD


Skyrim, Oculus Rift and Mods

Skyrim without the Oculus Rift is already pretty amazing. What is even more amazing is Skyrim with an Oculus Rift and a few mods. The  Joy of Perspective mod gives you a body so you feel like you’re really there, couple that with the Oculus Rift and a few other tweaks and you have nearly immersive game.

WIth these tweaks and mods Skyrim is more playable than out of the box with Vireio. While not perfect, Skyrim illustrates what gaming can be like in a first person role-playing game. Due to the way Skyrim renders shadows we have to turn them off. They are not rendered stereotypically so they look bad. We are still looking for a fix for that. The menus are mostly off-screen and this makes managing inventory un-doable from the rift. We added a mod to help but again it’s still mostly off-screen. Until we can figure out how to scale the menuing system for Skyrim, the menus are the bane of the game. We did however find a mod that lets us reposition the HUD so we can actually see it inside the Rift’s field of view.



Download SKSE (Skyrim Script Extender) and Nexus Mod Manager ( You will need to register a for free account on )

Install Skyrim and run once to make sure everything is running properly, then quit out of the game.

Run the SKSE installer.


Run the Nexus Mod Manager Installer.


Launch Nexus Mod Manager after installing. The game scanner will appear.


Click the red “X”‘s next to the games you don’t own. And click the green check mark next to Skyrim. Then click OK


The Nexus Mod Manager login screen will appear. Login with your username and password. Then minimize Nexus Mod Manager.


Click on the Mods linked above, to download each of them automatically click the green button that says “Download (NMM)” this will tell Nexus Mod Manager to download the mod.

nexus mod manager mod list

Once all the mods have been downloaded select each mod individually and click the “Activate Selected Mod” button on the left, it looks like a puzzle piece with a green arrow.


Now that the mods are installed you must launch Skyrim from the Skyrim(SKSE) shortcut on your desktop, even if you installed with Valve’s Steam platform.  You can either load a saved game or create a new character. (Note: HUD position settings are specific to game saves)


Next go to settings you will see a new item called “MOD CONFIGURATION” click that.


You will see a list of active mods. Click “Less Intrusive HUD”


Select “Load Defaults”


Click HUD Visibility then enable all the checkboxes.


Change the key bindings to your needs if you have conflicts. (We will use the default settings)


Escape out of the menus and find a safe spot inside a building. Next press the “Enter” key on the numeric keyboard and wait for a second. You should have a screen like above. Using the buttons on the keypad and the arrows cycle through the hud items and adjust them to meet your needs. Once you have the hud how you like it, save your game. Or you will be repeating this process.

Skyrim Customizable Camera Settings

Next we will modify the Field of View in Skyrim to accommodate the Oculus Rift. Go back to the “MOD CONFIGURATION” settings menu and select “Customizable Camera” adjust the “Field of View” setting to 120 (You can change it later if you want to try something else). The new FOV setting won’t take effect immediately you need to exit out of the menus then press the tab button twice. Save your game again. Then exit Skyrim.


Next copy all of the DLL files from the Perception \bin directory and place them into the Skyrim executable directory.


You can find your Skyrim game directory by right clicking the game in the Steam app then selecting “properties”, next click the “Local Files” tab then click the “Browse Local Files” button. Steam will open the game directory for you. Copy the Perception DLL’s in.


Select “Oculus Rift” and then “OculusTrack” next run Skyrim from the new shortcut, load your game and walla.

Skyrim HUD Corrected for Oculus Rift

You can actually see the HUD now. And have a body too. (If you are still in 3rd person mode just press “F” to switch into first person mode. You may need to adjust your convergence so you don’t get eye strain. To do that press the F2 or F3 keys while wearing the Oculus Rift, to manually adjust the convergence.

UPDATE 7/12/13

A new version of Vireio Perception has been released breaking compatibility with several games. Use the this specific version of Vireio Perception to get Skyrim working as published.

I am a programmer, designer, and inventor in Dallas, Texas. Founder of Makertronic, interested in Web 2.0 & 3.0, Maker, and any new technology.

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