The Oculus Rift Customs Log Jam has finally cleared


Last Thursday cybereality from Oculus posted the following message:

Good news: we’ve (finally) resolved the US customs issue. Now that we’ve sorted out the mix-up (it was due to missing paperwork on our end), future shipments should be processed smoothly.

The first ~2,500 dev kits have cleared customs and are now on their way to the warehouse for fulfillment. We expect to get all of these processed, labeled, and in the mail early next week (some should make it out Friday). The second batch of 1,000 units is being processed by customs now.

A quick update on Australia and New Zealand Rifters: we have a large batch of units queued up, and the hold-up is that we’re setting up a fulfillment center for the region. We’ll have more info for you next week.

Sorry again about the delays and thanks for bearing with us!

// cybereality

Oculus started shipping developer rift units on Friday, and today several people on /r/oculus have reported receiving shipment notifications with most deliveries occurring either on this Friday the 5th or on Saturday.

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